Earn Money from Domain Leasing

How does domain leasing work ?
Once we are notified of your interest to lease your domain and have agreed a lease rate, we undertake whois searches to confirm ownership of the domain. In the case of private ownership, we will require email confirmation prior to the domain being listed. Once all ownership checks have been confirmed, we will issue a contract with a confirmed start date, you will change the nameservers and the first payment will be made 37 days after the contract start date and monthly thereafter.

What is the lease value of my domain ?
There are a number of factors involved in valuing domains for lease. Specifically, high traffic sites, one word domain names or geo targeted domains attract higher rates than others. However, we will be more than happy to discuss this with you in order for you to make an informed decision.

How much can I expect to earn from the domain lease ?
We provide two services, a straightforward listing service where you will receive a minimum of 60% of the lease payment per month or a proactive service where you will receive a minimum of 40% of the lease payment per month and we will actively market your domain to specifically targeted companies.

How is the monthly payment made ?
The payment is made by BACS directly into a UK bank account.

What happens if I want to sell the domain during the lease ?
We have a commitment to our customers and as such, our contracts are binding for the length of the lease term. If you are considering selling your domain, we may be able to offer you short term lease options.

Are the lease rates fixed ?
Yes. We have fixed leasing rates per domain that remain constant throughout the domain lease term.

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Natural Domain Leasing - About Us

Who is Natural Domain Leasing ?
We are a technology company created from a team of highly experienced developers, SEO experts and business people. We have all either used, developed or sold internet domains and have considerable expertise in this marketplace.

What are your business hours ?
Our offices are open between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday. Our website is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Where are you located ?
Our headquarters are in Marlow, Bucks. Please visit the contact us page for full address and contact details.

Are you currently hiring ?
We are always interested to hear from highly skilled developers or SEO experts. If you have a successful track record in any of these areas, please contact us.