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The internet is awash with search engine optimisation (SEO) companies promoting their Pay per Click (PPC) campaigns with the common goal of page 1 positioning. After all, 97% of internet users never look beyond page 1, so this strategy makes perfect commercial sense. In fact, if you are not represented on page 1, you are losing out as 85% of online revenue is generated from page 1 listings.
So, where do you go from here ? Well you have a choice; Stick with SEO & PPC and keep your budget high without any guarantees or:

Lease a domain from us that will provide a page 1 result in double quick time for at least half the cost.

It's not a difficult decision really !!

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ICANN: Charter for the IANA
Stewardship Transition
Coordination Group is

Enhancing ICANN Accountability
and Governance Town Hall
Meeting to take place at
Internet Governance Forum in
Istanbul Launches New
'Flexible Approach' For Its

hosting co uk logoLeading UK Web Hosting provider have launched a new 'flexible approach' to its super-affiliate program designed to maximise affiliate marketers profits whilst providing UK consumers with low cost, best-in-class web hosting.


SSAC Issue Unprecedented Joint
Letter Questioning ICANN's
Staff-Imposed Accountability

Internet Commerce Association logoIn another unpredicted development the entire community of ICANN stakeholders has sent a joint letter to CEO Fadi Chehade and the ICANN Board that strongly questions the “Enhancing ICANN Accountability and Governance – Process and Next Steps” document published by ICANN staff on August 14th over widespread community objections. Signatories to the August 26th letter (text below) include the GNSO Council and all of the GNSO’s stakeholder groups and constituencies, the Country Code Name Supporting Organization, the At-Large Advisory Committee, the Security and Stability Advisory Committee – and, most surprisingly, the Governmental Advisory Committee.


Company News

21 May 2011
Geo Domains deliver targetted user traffic to your business.
With most corporate companies trying to find new and innovative ways to attract customers to their websites, geo domains deliver measurable results via significant ROI and CPA.
28 April 2011
Domain Leasing recognised as the newest marketing tool.
A number of high profile Marketing Managers have highlighted the marketing benefits of leasing a high ranking domain name to significantly increase their revenues.

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