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Latest News

ICANN’s Global Commitment
Within Internet Governance

During the last ten years attention has been laid more and more on the organization of the Internet governance. That is why ICANN deals with an increasing degree of skepticism regarding its role in safeguarding the IANA functions.

To these doubts and questions ICANN decided to answer with a series of reform suggestions meant to allow nations to take a more active role in the process of decisioning.

At the present, according to Mr. Olivier Sylvain from Fordham University School of Law, the current changes of view pinpoint to a new phase in which Internet supervising actors do not see the network as separate from the physical world.

A full description of how Mr. Sylvain sees this can be read at the following address:


New Attack on ICANN’s
Systems Stopped

A report about an attack on ICANN’s infrastructure has been revealed recently and the results of it have been published.


Thus, the intrusion seems to have happened in November last year and it took the shape of electronic messages appearing to be sent from ICANN's domain to members of their personnel.


These actions led to their credentials being compromised as well as The Centralized Zone Data System, but users have been advised to take any necessary measures in order to protect their information from being accessed again.

The attack resulted in some of the zone files and personal data being viewed and even if they have been secured, users were asked to change and update them. The blog section and two accounts on it were also targeted, but all in all it did not have an impact on the IANA systems.

ICANN pledges to continue their security enhancement programs so that such attacks do not happen again in the future, and they will always make such incidents public due to their transparency commitment for their users.

ICANN’s Auctions Program
Expected to Generate Higher

According to the latest financial data reports published by ICANN, the gTLD program seems to work well for the company, even if it is questionable that these domain names might be a good investment for registry operators.

Auctions seemed to be a good way of increasing sales revenues with additional $28.5 million cashed in before November last year, out of which $6.8 million were paid by Amazon for two gTLDs, .Buy and .Spot. And the money keeps coming with more and more contention disputes solved in this way.

Apparently ICANN is not the only entity to benefit from this program. Power Action is entitled to conduct the auctions using an electronic platform and for each session they are guaranteed to receive $15,000, regardless the outcome of it.

What still remains without answer is what ICANN does with all the money they get from these actions. According to a statement of the Board, community is consulted all the time but no one has seen a sign of such discussions actually happening.

In the meantime the auctions program is thriving and ICANN’s funds seem to become a tempting way to cover any necessary expenses for their needs and there are voices saying that the discussion on how the money should be spent should have been initiated long before such funds started coming in.

ccTLD Approved for Macao

A new ccTLDstring was released for Macao by ICANN, at their official meeting in Seoul, after going through the evaluation and approval process requested in such cases. There are also other countries who have been submitting similar requests, since 16th of November 2009, following the rule that the territory name has to be of a script other than Latin.

Regarding the necessary steps, there are three of them in order to obtain approval:

1.      One has to prepare all the documentation and find agreement within the local community and then submit the application at

2.      The assessment of requests from a technical and linguistic point of view.

3.      The successful requests then are submitted to the following email address:

So far there is a number of 36 countries which have been evaluated positively, out of which 29 received delegation within the DNS root system. ICANN promises to make domains in non-Latin country code available as soon as they pass the evaluation process via the Fast Track Process. An email address for customer support is offered, too:

ICANN’s Survey Indicates
High Degree Clients Gratitude

A new review ordered by ICANN and conducted by Ebiquity revealed a high level of clients gratitude of almost 93%.


This kind of indicator is studied every year and it usually takes into account five of the IANA functions, among which there are the domain names, protocol indicators and security extensions. The users who have been dealing with these functions during the last year were asked to disclose a few questions under the protection of anonimity.  

The answers came from different customer groups and it was the first time top level domains operators were included. Their customer satisfaction degree came to be of almost 87%.

ICANN expressed their own satisfaction with the results of the survey but said they will try to improve things and take that percentage even higher.

Accuracy seems to be the most appreciated detail of ICANN’s services features with a percentage of 98 users indicating this.

The conclusion of the survey was that ICANN has delivered clients service in a high degree during the last years and for the future users would like to see the needs of various users being considered.


New Sets of Suggestions from

Latest RSSAC’s meetings have resulted in two documents, namely RSSAC001 and RSSAC002, which come with a set of recommendations regarding the performance of the DNS root system.


In these documents, one could read about the best practice that root servers can offer and gives a guideline about the expectations that the users could have regarding services. It also points out that there should be a variety in the approaches for the root servers and comes as a replacement of the old sets of parameters that are required from the root server operators.

All these recommendations should help establish a way of warning which could allow to find possible effects determined by the expansion of the root zone.

The two documents are released on the RSSAC’s webpage and will serve as a technical set of advice meant to help the root server organizations for the future.  


BABY And .MLS Found Their

A new string contention has been given to Power Auctions (ICANN’s authorized auction organizer) to be solved for the strings of . BABY and .MLS recently.


Due to the fact that the applicants could not find an amiable solution between themselves, the next step to be taken was to make a decision using an auction procedure, as ICANN’s regulations ask.


Thus, the applicant who met the eligibility requirements and offered the higher price, was declared the winner of the auction and  was entrusted with the string they applied for.


In this case there were six applicants and the winner offered about 3 million dollars for the .BABY domain name, while for the .MLS there were two candidates and the best price offered was almost 3 and a half million.

The next step now is to wait for a plan from ICANN’s directors after they consult with the community about the best use of the funds.

Conclusions After ICANN and
ISOC Conference

A press statement from ISOC and ICANN was released about the meeting they had with the management of IETF and IAB to talk about the IANA supervising process and the NETMundial initiative.

The conclusion of this meeting was that more efforts need to be done in order to ensure a successful and free Internet for all its users.

Although ISOC and ICANN operate separately, they are both engaged into the process of enabling a smooth IANA stewardship transition and there is a full commitment that this should happen soon.

As for the NETMundial initiative, there is a common point of view that communities of users need to be involved stronger in order to solve all the issues that are still on the table of debating.

At the end of the conference, everybody felt that the meeting was profitable and the frank discussions led to some very constructive conclusions on Internet Governance.

New Contributors To The
Standing Panel Wanted

A press release from ICANN states recently that there is a current intention of expanding the Standing Panel which was used to manage the Public Interest Commitment Dispute Resolution Procedure.

Members of the community who have worked in this field and want to contribute to the Internet community are expected to send a letter of interest.

ICANN expresses their appreciation for the role of the Standing Panel in maintaining the contribution of the Domain Name field to the Internet community.

Any violation by a registry of the agreements with ICANN is reviewed and reported by the Standing Panel and they are the ones that come with recommendations in an objective and independent way.

ICANN will try to involve people with a technical background but special focus will be laid in finding users who are experts in cyber security, online content and trademark protection.

Online Pharmacies Receive
Register Approval

 According to NABP there is a new availability for submitting new .pharmacy addresses which are meant to offer clients the possibility to find only the accepted stores worldwide.

The procedure can be initialized for the domain addresses which find their equivalent ib the TMCH register. After their names having been accepted by ICANN, they will be able to be registered further on with a registrar.

The availability for the approved pharmacy websites started in June this year and they are expected to send an application request and the necessary documents as well as to pay the fee which was established by NABP.

After a screening made by the above mentioned organization, it was discovered that almost 97% of the websites do not comply with the rules and requirements for the health of the buyers. Therefore from now on only legitimate sellers will be allowed to continue their activity. 


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